Go Airport Taxi: Book Online your Buenos Aires Airport Transfer for EZE and AEP

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Brasil Buenos Aires, Argentina - EZE, AEP & Cruise Terminal


Please note: This translation of the Go Airport Taxi Terms and Conditions is provided for the convenience of our non-English-speaking customers. Regardless of this, only the original English-language version is legally binding.

Go Airport Taxi enables its clients/users to book travel services over its online platforms.
All companies, agencies, vehicles and drivers contracted by Go Airport Taxi follow the strict passenger transportation guidelines of their respective geographical market. Go Airport Taxi reservations and/or airport transfers are to be made only with the express understanding that the owners, programmers, investors, and family members of Go Airport Taxi, cannot be held legally or financially liable for any injury, incident, accident, arrest or other damage suffered or caused with relation to the service.
We suggest that all reservations are made with ample time between the requested time of contact and the client/user’s requirements. Traffic is unpredictable, and Go Airport Taxi will not be responsible if, for example, a flight is missed, due to traffic related issues (including but not limited to vehicle mechanical problems and/or street protests) that may impede vehicles to arrive on-time to destination.